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NEW! Curtiss B-2 Condor
Category:1/48 scale (1/50)
Designer:Aaron Murphy
Aaron Murphy
Designer style:[ Expand details ]
The Curtiss B-2 Condor was a 1920s United States bomber aircraft.

The B-2 was a large fabric-covered biplane aircraft. Its two engines sat in nacelles between the wings, flanking the fuselage. It had a twin set of rudders on a twin tail, a configuration which was becoming obsolete by that time. At the rear of each nacelle was a gunner position. In previous planes, the back-facing gunners had been in the fuselage, but their view there was obstructed. A similar arrangement (using nacelle-mounted gun platforms) was adopted in the competing Keystone XB-1 aircraft.

The XB-2 competed for a United States Army Air Corps production contract with the similar Keystone XB-1, Sikorsky S-37, and Fokker XLB-2. The other three were immediately ruled out, but the Army board appointed to make the contracts was strongly supportive...
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World War I
Curtiss B-2 Condor
1/74 Lockheed Blackbird M/D-21
1/74 Lockheed Blackbird M/D-21
Best price! €4.75
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